Mark Cameron is an Artist, who was educated at the Jamaica School of Art in Kingston, and the School of Visual Art in New York City. He is known internationally, as an abstract artist for his landscape, seascape, and impressionistic pieces.

Not to be contained by canvas Mark also designs and builds museum quality furniture featuring a visual collaboration of textiles, textures, and rainbow hues typically using quango wood which is indigenous to Jamaica.

Among his numerous shows, Mark Cameron has exhibited works at the Urban League National Conference, Art Basel 2017, and The United Nations in New York. His paintings where also shown in the iconic movie “Hidden Figures.”

While living in California, Mark studied under American master artist Pamela Sarkisian and expanded his painting skills by translating his memories of, and love for, his Jamaican homeland onto canvas.  He also served as the curator and chairman of the art fair known as Oceanside Days of Art.

After returning to Jamaica in 2005, Mark has continued to dedicate his time embracing his love for Jamaica and all of the beauty that is possesses. He superbly translates that love and creativity into exquisite paintings and furniture designs. Mark records his insightful interpretation of Jamaican life through the images he respectfully captures on canvas with each brushstroke.

His subject matter includes Jamaica’s people, its landscapes, seascapes, and its colorful floral and bountiful fauna. Mark expands his repotiore with impressionistic portraits of famous figures who have excelled in the arts, music, and leadership.

Mark Cameron currently works out of his studio in Plantation Acres in Florida where you can find him producing original multi-dimensional art work that can fit nicely with your traditional, modern, or eclectic decor.